Saturday, July 25, 2009

100 Strangers : Bruno u. Johann

Bruno Schneeberger and Johann Nestau : Aarberg, CH

While we were in Aarberg, we happened to meet these two gentlemen--Bruno Schneeberger and Johann Nestau. Hr. Schneeberger was quite friendly and insisted we sit and have an espresso. (Nein, danke!) Hr. Nestau was the character of the two. He kept going on and on about the silly Americans and their silliness.

Bruno tries to reason with Johann. Good luck! : Aarberg, CH

Then, he grouped the Australians in with us and ranted a bit about their silliness. Frankly, between his Schweizer-Deutsch and the beer he'd been drinking, I'm not sure where he was going with all of that. Either way, it was fun to meet some of the locals. At the very least, it was colorful! Anyway--Hr. Schneeberger and Hr. Nestau are this week's 100 Strangers.

Photo copyright: Janet Kincaid, 07/09

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