Friday, July 3, 2009

Echte Edelweiss

Edelweiss: Blossom of snow

The other day, my friend JaneAnne commented on this picture and asked me if this was edelweiss. It is not. But the photo above is. Edelweiss is generally found in high Alpine regions in Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. The flower is white, five-pointed, and velvety soft. Somehow, they've managed to cultivate a lower altitude variety. The blossoms are larger than normal, but the effect is still the same. I shot these outside a florist's shop in Zurich after the rain.

And for those who are wondering, yes, edelweiss is the national flower of Austria, but the song Edelweiss, made famous in the American musical The Sound of Music is not the national anthem of Austria. That would be Land der Berge, Land am Strome.

Photo copyright: Janet Kincaid, 06/09

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