Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 Things Challenge: Hand / Pink

Red turns Pink in the late afternoon sun : Rue du Fayard, Versoix, CH

This week's 2 Things Challenge is Hand / Pink. If you haven't participated in 2 Things Challenge before, it's a lot of fun and there are some great folks who often participate every week.

This is a picture of half of the challenge. It's one little bit of a length of "Caution" tape that was stretched across a driveway just over the border in Switzerland on the road leading out of Ferney. The late afternoon sun was shining on it such that the red tape appeared to be pink.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 1/10


Tash said...

Isn't it amazing how ordinary, not very pretty objects can be so lovely with the sublte color and the wrapping of snow.

Maya said...


Debi said...

Unusual capture with a keen eye.

That's the beauty of being a shutterbug. You see the unusual, interesting, beautiful all the time. It makes ordinary life less ordinary.

Janet M Kincaid said...

Tash: Yes. I love it when the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Maya: Hm.

Debi: It was a rather odd capture, but I'd been looking for something pink all day and this popped out at me at the end of our photowalk. I figured, "What the hell!" LOL!