Thursday, January 7, 2010


Waiting, waiting, waiting... : Ferney-Voltaire, FR

My new camera arrived today, so I had to try it out. Maya had a doctor's appointment as a formality for the continuation of her work contract, so Janeen and I sat in the waiting room and, well, waited. While we waited, Janeen read a magazine in French (lucky gal) and I played with my camera. This guy was waiting, too.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 1/10


Cele said...

I love the make up and symmetry of this photo.

Debi said...

Delightful photo! I love the angles, the light, the colors, and the composition! Ha, what's left?

-K- said...

The F Stops Here - very very clever! I like it.

Maya said...

Nice. I like the color contrasting with the guy mostly in black. Glad I passed with flying colors!

Around the World said...

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Tash said...

You are just great! Thank you for your comment which led me here. I'm looking forward to your photos so much. Wonderful start.
Waiting in the doctor's office - sounds as if you haven't left the US. Excellent photo depecting just that.

Janet M Kincaid said...

Cele: Thanks. I had to crop it just a bit, but otherwise, I like it.

Debi: Thank you! I guess all that's left is, I could have tried in it B&W?

Kevin: Thanks! I kept trying to go with my old standard that includes the word "Confidential" and it just wasn't working. But the play on words in f-stop, both in terms of the camera and in terms of the bus that runs through our town, was perfect!

Maya: The outcome of this photo turned out to be far better than the setting in which I shot it. I'm quite pleased. And yee haw for you getting that stupid piece of paperwork completed. It's good to know you're healthy to travel to work in Europe. Sheesh.

ATW: Thanks for including me in your lists.

Tash: Thanks for stopping over here! Good to see you! As for waiting in doctor's offices, I think that's universal. The interesting part over here is, four doctors practice in one clinic, but they each have their own waiting rooms. I guess it's a patient privacy thing?

Rob said...

Hopefully Maya has a clean bill of health to keep working.

A new toy?! Please tell, what did you get?