Thursday, February 4, 2010


Inside/Out :  Musée du Louvre : Paris, FR

I took way too many pictures both outside and inside the Louvre. Rather than regale you with a lengthy photo essay, here's one shot from inside the entrance looking out. And the rest are here (exteriors) and here (interiors).*

* Most of my photo sets from Paris include pictures I took in January as well as ones I took when I visited for the first time back in August.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 1/10


Kim said...

Very beautiful, Janet. I love the graphic effect of the looking through the pyramid to the blue twilight and golden glow of the Louvre buildings. Thanks for taking us to Paris with you. I don't think any of your visitors would tire of seeing many, many of your shots from there.

Another rainy night here in the Pacific Northwest, but a gorgeous sunrise this morning.-Kim

Eeyore said...

I haven't seen this perspective before, at least not in a photo. Neat shot. Thanks,

Maya said...

Wonderful! I love the people silhouetted in front!

Z said...

Nice photos from your Paris trips. Also neat how you made some new friends.

Janet M Kincaid said...

Kim: Thank you! I think one day I might have to live in Paris. There's so much to photograph, you barely have time and are forced to run from one thing to the next.

Larry: Thanks. I was thrilled to be inside the museum, because this was a shot I wanted to take the last time I was in Paris.

Maya: Merci! And me, too!

Z: Danke viel mals! Meeting new people is always a treat.