Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Lady of Paris

Exalted : Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris : Paris, FR

As mentioned yesterday, the last time I was in Paris, the bulk of my interior shots of the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris were abysmal and a disappointment. I had a few gems here and there, but for the most part, my photos were a total wash. This time, however, I had better results.

Light a Candle for Peace and for Our Lady : Notre Dame : Paris, FR

Here are a few shots from inside this grand cathedral. Building on the cathedral started in 1163 and finished in 1345. For someone from the U.S., that's long before Europeans ever even considered sailing across the ocean and settling in the New World. The oldest thing we have in America is the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia and it's only 400 years old!

Stained Glass Beauty : Notre Dame : Paris, FR

To see more interior shots of Notre Dame, visit my Picasa Web Albums.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 1/10


lacochran said...

Great angle on that first shot--it took me a while to figure out the orientation. :)

Rob said...

Excellent work. Love your first shot with the perspective of looking straight up.

Janet M Kincaid said...

L.A.: Thanks! I wondered how others would see it and whether it would be a difficult shot visually.

Rob: Thank you! I was standing near a bunch of pillars and I looked up and thought, "Hey! That'd make a cool shot." And it did!

Cele said...

The first interior shot, amazing. When I grow up I want to be Janet, darmn girl your eye boggles my mind.

Maya said...

Beautiful shots! I like how you zoomed way in on the stained glass.