Saturday, March 6, 2010

100 Strangers: The Team at Café des Fédérations

Riri, Sandra, and Patricia : The wait staff at Café des Fédérations : Lyon, FR

While we were in Lyon, we ate at Café des Fédérations. The fare was traditional Lyonnaise and featured things like pike souffle and salad made from cow snout. Eating all of that at the time unfazed me. A week later, I can't believe I ate cow nose. That said, it was all tasty. The best part of this Michelin three-star bistro was the wait staff--Patricia, Sandra, and Riri. Find more pictures of this lovely restaurant in Lyon in my Picasa Web Albums.

 A fun tromp l'oeil on the side of the Café des Fédérations : Lyon, FR

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 2/10


Rob said...

This is a fun way to meet people. So what number are you up to on your strangers project?

Maya said...

Yup, cow nose! Who knew it could be so tasty?