Saturday, March 20, 2010

Basler Münster (Interior)

Contemplative : Basler Münster : Basel, CH

Thursday's entry featured the Basler Münster from the outside. Today, I'm posting a photo from the inside. To see more pictures of this simple, formerly-Catholic-currently-Protestant cathedral, visit my Picasa Web Albums.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 3/10


James said...

I like the rays of light that are shining through. It's a very nice picture.

Maya said...

I love the rays of light shining through the windows. Very nice!

Janet M Kincaid said...

James: Thanks! I was pretty jazzed about the light.

Maya: Thank you. I also like the people in the picture.

Virginia said...

you nailed it Sistah. Lovely light streaming in. I love it.
That night shot below is stunning as well.!

Janet M Kincaid said...

Thanks, V. I've always wanted to get a shot like this in a church, so I'm pretty pleased. The only disappointing aspect? I didn't get my horizon line right. I'm having a little trouble with that with my new camera. It's really frustrating.