Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Tenin Technique

The Tenin Technique:* A unique perspective on an otherwise ho-hum stained glass window : Basel, CH

Today, City Daily Photo bloggers around the world are honoring the original city daily photo blogger, Eric Tenin of Paris Daily Photo. For the last five years, Eric has posted a photo of his beloved Paris without missing a day. Pretty impressive, if you ask me! In honor of his accomplishment and of the phenomenon he started, I'm posting two pictures. The first features a photo I took this past weekend of a stained glass window in the Baseler Münster in Basel, CH. The second features a picture I snapped in Paris last summer on the grounds of the French Senat at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Applying the Tenin Technique to the 
chess board at the Senat in the Jardin du Luxembourg : 
Paris, FR

Congratulations, Eric! Here's to another five years of photo blogging.

* My understanding of the Tenin Technique is that you find unusual/unique ways to take pictures of things. Of course, many of us have been doing that for a while now, but it's good to give it a name and I can't think of a better person to name it after! Perhaps it will enter the lexicon and end up on Wikipedia...???
Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 3/10 and 8/09


Maya said...

Great shots! I'm not sure what makes these "Tenin Techniques," but they show a good photographic eye!

Tash said...

Super post! The superimposition of stuff in the 1st is great, the POV on the 2nd is unusual...I'm thinking is it a photo of a picture, how large is everything?

I really had to hunt to meet find something for the Tennin post - made me realize that out of 1000s of photos I take, I'm not using an unusual POV very often. (Would of helped if I realized about the TD before it got dark... :\

Gunn said...

Superb shots!
Beautiful blog!