Friday, April 9, 2010

100 Friends: Brigels Edition

Krissy T., friend from California and owner of a hotel and restaurant in Brigels, CH

Getting back to Brigels, Switzerland, here are pictures of four friends who shared Easter with us. The first is my friend from California, Krissy T. She and her husband, Lorenz D., own and opertate the Hotel Kistenpass in Brigels. The Swiss Hotel Association-three-star hotel also features a restaurant, where we dined on some really good food, followed by relaxing evenings playing card games and catching up with Krissy.

Long-time friend, Diana, soaking in the sun on the terrace of the Hotel Kistenpass : Brigels, CH

Diana's husband and good friend, Scott, enjoying the sun with their dogs, Gibby and Dee Dee : Brigels, CH

The other pictures feature long-time friends, Diana and Scott, who live in Basel, Switzerland. They came up for part of the weekend and brought their friend, Carmen, with them. Di and Scott always travel with their dogs, Gibby and Dee Dee. They eventually made friends with Krissy's chihauhua, Isabella. Meanwhile, Carmen was a knitting fiend and, in the course of the weekend, knit two snow caps and a scarf.

Carmen travels everywhere with her knitting and knits one, purls two as we soak up the sun : Brigels, CH

This is also my 100th post on the F-Stops Here.... Combined with my original City Daily Photo blog, D.C. Confidential, this is my 903rd photo blogging post.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 4/10


Maya said...

All such nice people and doggies!

Janet M Kincaid said...

Maya: I agree!