Sunday, May 9, 2010

100 Strangers: Lilo

Lilo Peil with her dogs, Monty the Bulldog and Amy the St. Bernard : Ribeauville, FR

We went to Ribeauville in the Alsace-Lorraine for the sole purpose of visiting a shop called Les Mille et Une Nappe (A Thousand and One Tablecloths.) I'll have more on that later. After making my purchase, I went outside to hang out with friend Scott and the dogs in front of the Hotel de Ville (City Hall). While I was waiting, a couple arrived with a little French bulldog and a HUGE St. Bernard.

This is Lilo Peil. She's from Höchenschwand in Germany and was quite happy to let me snap some photos of her and these two beautiful dogs. The bulldog is called Monty and the St. Bernard is Amy. The latter recently gave birth to eight puppies! Lilo says, if you're in Ribeauville next weekend, there will be 200 of these dogs in town. If it wasn't my birthday and I didn't have guests coming, I would totally drive the three hours to Ribeauville to see 200 of these dogs in one place.

No small dog here! Amy the St. Bernard : Ribeauville, FR

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 5/10


Maya said...

Awwww, can we have one of her puppies??

Janet M Kincaid said...

Maya: Mon Dieu! NO! Good heavens. I can't imagine having a dog that big. Oy.

Maya said...


Diana said...

Maya, that is a VERY BIG DOG. She's lovely and all, but HUGE and DROOLY. (Like me, but on four legs.)

Maya said...

Di, I really don't think I'd describe you that way. But, yeah, drooly is not what I'm looking for in a dog (or a friend). HAH