Monday, May 17, 2010


Wallpaper Puddle : Collex, CH

On my walk the other evening, there was a large puddle on the path. I liked the reflection from the tree above it and snapped this picture.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 5/10


Oakland Daily Photo said...

Lovely. Hard to believe it's a reflection. Looks more like a view through the mist. BTW, Happy Birthday.

Eeyore said...

Amen. Lovely. And it does look like fog. I really like this one.

Happy belated birthday.

lacochran said...

That would make a really nice note card.

pachez77 said...

That is a great phot, looks foggy -- there are a lot of foggy mornings here and even some days!

kunal bhatia said...

hey dc confidential,
greetings from mumbai. this appears almost dream like. glad to see that you're blogging is going strong. my mumbai photoblog was dead for a while, but im trying to revive it back now.

do stop by Mindless Mumbai sometime, and if possible can you change the link of mindless mumbai on your blog to instead of (


Mr. J said...

Superb capture. It looks like a painting and not a photograph. It would be phenomenal printed on canvas

Brett said...

great shot