Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stormy Weather?

 Stormy weather? : Ferney-Voltaire, FR

The weather can't seem to decide today. First, it was sunny and bright. Then, it turned cloudy and breezy. Currently, it's partly cloud and somewhat sunny. Will it rain? Who knows what it will do, but it makes for dramatic skies. (And by the way--when the weatherperson says "partly cloudy, mostly sunny" or "partly sunny, mostly cloudy", what does that mean? What percentage of cloud cover or sun exposure determines their choice? I'm sure it's a more/less than 50% thing, but honestly, why can't they just say "mostly sunny" or "partly sunny" and leave the rest out? Yes, this is how my mind spins.)

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 6/10


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Does it seem that summer is late in coming this year? Seems to be the case here. BTW, I understand from Seattle Daily Photo that congratulations are in order. Mazel tov!