Monday, August 23, 2010

The Ladies of Freiburg, DE

Reminiscent : Freiburg, DE

The last few days have featured pictures from Fribourg,* Switzerland. Today features pictures from Freiburg, Germany. I snapped this first photo, because the lady reminded me of my late maternal grandmother.

Fishing for Intel? : Freiburg, DE

In this second photo, I saw this woman sitting under this very colorful painting reading the newspaper and I had to have a picture of her. I was trying to be a overly creative, I suppose, because I tried shooting her between two guys who were sitting a little ways apart from her. Unfortunately, they thought I was trying to take their picture, so I didn't get the best composition on this one. Still, I like the idea...

Manna : Freiburg, DE

Finally, these two young ladies caught my eye as they were soaking up the last of the evening's rays and looking quite content.

* Canton Fribourg lies right on the crossover line between French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland. You can speak both languages there. The French name is Fribourg, while its German equivalent is Freiburg. Meanwhile, Freiburg, Germany, is the Federal Republic's sunniest and warmest city, the entrance to the famed Black Forest (Schwarzwald), and features a vibrant university community, as well as damn fine schnitzel! Just thought you'd like a bit of trivia for the day!

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 8/10


Cele said...

A trip to Frieburg near the Schwartzwald was the first time I ever had gummy bears. That was an addition of massive proportions.

Maya said...

Great people shots.