Friday, October 15, 2010

Mexican Food in Interlaken

Mexican food Swiss-style : El Azteca : Interlaken, CH

We left Lauterbrunnen and went down to Interlaken for lunch at a Mexican restaurant we'd read about. In our ongoing quest to find decent Mexican food in Switzerland, I've eaten at six Mexican restaurants in this alpine country. They rank thusly for me (out of five stars):

1. La Fonda, Schneidergasse, Basel ★★★★
2. Tres Amigos, Stadthausstrasse, Winterthur ★★★1/2
3. El Azteca, Jungfraustrasse, Interlaken ★★★
4. La Diligence, Chantepoulet, Geneva ★1/2
5. Fiesta Mexicana, Balexert, Geneva ★
6. MaƱana, Cornavin, Geneva -10 ★. Dog food tastes better!

El Azteca is attached to the Hotel Blume on the Jungfraustrasse. It wasn't too shabby.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 4/10

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Maya said...

A good reference guide for anyone craving Mexican food in CH!