Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodbye grey skies, hello blue...

Happy Days Diner : Versoix, CH

Before going to the turkey farm in Crozet on Saturday, we started the day with my boss, Faith, and friend Erik (Caffrey's human) at Happy Day's Diner in Versoix, CH. The diner claims to feature an American menu complete with such Americanisms as A&W Root Beer, real bacon and eggs, and fluffy pancakes. Maya and Faith had scrambled eggs and toast, Erik had a hamburger, and I tried the French toast. The food left a little bit to be desired, it was still fun and we've all said we'd go back every once in a while for breakfast. As with diners like this in the U.S., the best part of the establishment was, of course, the decor! To see a few color photos of this quirky little slice of Americana in Switzerland, go here.

Decor Americana : Happy Days Diner : Versoix, CH

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 11/10


Luis Gomez said...

These are wonderful. Great shots! Too bad really good diners are hard to come by.

Maya said...

Mmmm, some of that bacon would be good right about now!