Monday, February 21, 2011

Charlie's Level

Charlie's level : Prevessin, FR

Yesterday, we took Charlie out to a field in Prevessin so he could run around in the open. One of my criticisms of France is, they don't have parks where you can take your dogs, because they don't have clean-up laws here. Rather than address the problem, they just forbid dogs in parks and public open spaces. I wish they were more like the Swiss--who require you to pick up after your dog--because dog poo on sidewalks and in parks is disgusting and unsanitary. In fact, dog poo was one of the detractors of visiting Marseille. Instead of looking up to enjoy the scenery and sights, you're busy looking down to avoid stepping in dog shit. Come on France, you can do better!

Anyway--I digress. We took Charlie out to run around in a cow field in Prevessin and he had a great time! This is a photo taken from down on his level--about six inches off the ground.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 2/11


Jilly said...

I thought there were dog laws in France. In fact I'm pretty sure there are but perhaps they change from area to area. Here you see dog poo bags provided at strategic points in the town - ditto in Monaco - and people can be fined for not picking up after their dogs. Of course whether the law is enforced I don't know. Certainly you can buy a small rubbed bone-shaped object that fixed to your dog's lead and inside you keep it filled with small plastic bags. Take a look at today for perhaps the most beautiful dog loo in the world!

(I put this on your Facebook page, but here it is again. J xxx)

Maya said...

Jilly: I imagine in the areas you are living (a bit posher), they have strict laws around such things and probably enforce them to keep the tourists coming. Here it's possible they have these laws (we don't know), but they certainly don't enforce them. They also don't have strategically placed doggy poo bags around for people to use! We responsible dog owners have the bags with us at all times and pick up the poo, but many others do not. :-(