Sunday, July 10, 2011


CERN v Hermance No. 1 : St. Genis, FR

CERN v Hermance No. 2 : St. Genis, FR

Friend Ali Day coaches a rugby team that represents CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider. When Ali and his crew aren't smashing atoms and looking for the origin of the universe, they're bashing heads and looking for the win.

CERN v Hermance No. 3 : St. Genis, FR

CERN v Hermance No. 4 : St. Genis, FR

When it comes to rugby, I don't know up from down, but Ali asked us to come and photograph the CERN team in the semi-finals against the down-and-dirty playing team from Hermance. I couldn't tell you the final score, except I do know Hermance won and I do know we had a lot of fun. Note: CERN are in blue and white, Hermance in red and green.

CERN v Hermance No. 5 : St. Genis, FR

CERN v Hermance No. 6 : St. Genis, FR

Big thanks to friend Les Olson for lending us a 70-300mm. If you want to see the full set, visit my Picasa Web Album.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 7/11. All rights reserved. For copies or permission to reprint, please contact me by email.


Maya said...

That was a fun day (and a fun lens)!

Savannah Adams said...

Heh, wow. It is kind of amusing to see the folks who work in the large hadron collider playing rugby. Nonetheless, there's a time for work, and a time to go outside into the bright day and have fun. It's refreshing to do so after all the delicate and tough work in CERN.

-Savannah Adams