Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Volkswagen Heaven!

Chateau Gland and the Volkswagen Festival : Gland, CH

The lakeside town of Gland, Switzerland, hosted a Volkswagen festival, event-thingy. As we were already in Nyon having brunch with friends earlier, we drove another 10 minutes up the road to have a look. I'm glad we did!

Love in Orange : Gland, CH

There were some beautiful old Beetles, buses, Desert Foxes, and Carmen Ghias to be seen. Here are just a few. To see more, go here.

Three in a Row : Gland, CH

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 7/11


David said...

I love these cars! Nice shots. I like the picture of the van too.

Maya said...

Love all of these shots (and the cars). The top one is framed nicely!