Saturday, October 1, 2011

Alpages a la Gruyères

Des Alpages : Gruyères, CH

This time of year in the Alps of Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, and Germany, is the end of the grazing season for the cattle. Many of the villages and towns put together small parades or larger festivals celebrating the return of the cows--and in some places, the sheep and goats, too--from the mountains and hillsides. In French, it's called des Alpages. In German, it's called the Almabtrieb. I just call it "FUN!" Today, we went to Gruyères and had to pull onto the shoulder to let the cows and their herders by. Here is some video.

Video copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 10/11


Cele said...

Love the new look.

You pictures always take me somewhere I've never been.

Donna Fox Spratt said...

Oh, Janet! You are still and forever among my favorite artists: F-Stop, Van Gogh, Eric Clapton. My attempt to return to my own blog brought me back to you. My love to you and your loves.