Sunday, November 13, 2011

Torino 1.3 : Eclectic Energy

Woodcarved ceiling medallion : Torino, IT

Our tour guide for the weekend was Maya's father's cousin, Mariangela. In addition to the many book shops and il Circolo dei Lettori, she showed us so many different sights, I can't remember half of what we say. Here are just a few pictures.

Detail on the medallion : Torino, IT

The top two photos don't do it justice, but these are photos of a woodcarved ceiling medallion that was absolutely exquisite in craftsmanship and detail. I wish these photos did it justice.

Woo-gah Doo-gah Boo-gah : Chanting Masks : Torino, IT

I can't remember where this exhibit was, but it was a plaza full of mask that chanted and were lit up by changing lights.

Christmas at City Hall : Torino, IT

Over the plaza near the old City Hall, the city has strung up Christmas colored lights. It was rather festive and fun and lots of young people were hanging out here, enjoying the pleasant weather and each others company.

Decked out with Constellations : Torino, IT

Where other European cities hang up lights related to Christmas and the upcoming holidays, Torino strings up random motifs. We also saw neon swimmers and birds on other streets. This street features the constellations.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 11/11

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