Monday, May 7, 2012

Brunch and the Market

Sunday morning paper at the Circolo dei lettori : Turin, IT

One of our favorite places in Turin is a hide-away reading room called il Circolo dei lettori. People come here for special events and lectures, but mostly they gather here to read. Newspapers, real books, ebooks, iPads. Whatever can be read. During the week, there is a café/bar where you can get coffee and drinks. On Sundays, the Circolo serves brunch. So, that's where we went with Maya's parents and her father's cousins. I snapped a photo of a very distinguished looking Italian man reading the paper.

Happy apple man : Turin, IT

After brunch, we wandered through the farmer's market. This was the happiest man in the entire area. He was selling apples and was quite enthusiastic about them. He spoke a little English and he told me, he is "very happy to grow and sell apples." Can't get better than that, eh?

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 5/2012

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