Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sacher Hotel

Sunday lunch at the Hotel Sacher : Vienna, AT

After walking around the Stadtpark and Karlsplatz, we headed over toward Stephansplatz and the center of town. As it was lunchtime, we decided to pop into the famed Hotel Sacher for lunch and Sachertorte. We sat outside, but I shot this one photo looking into the interior dining room. The Sachertorte was wunderbar! The photos below were taken using Instagram.

Table cloth at the Hotel Sacher : Vienna, AT

Hotel Sacher -- a Viennese instutiton : Vienna, AT

Veal schnitzel. Not nearly as good as pork. Should have gone to Herb's : Vienna, AT

Heaven on a plate -- Sachertorte mit Schlagobers : Vienna, AT

The Hotel Sacher is the exclusive maker and the only maker allowed to market its torte as "Original Sachertorte". Every year, the Hotel mails more than 250,000 of these wonderful cakes to homes and businesses all over the world. We bought one to take back to Christine and Hellmut as a thank you gift. I wish we'd bought one for us to bring home, but we knew we'd be on the road for at least another week and were afraid it might not keep. If you chance to visit Vienna, put the Caf├ę Sacher on your must-do list for coffee/tea and torte.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 5/2012

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