Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Schloß Schönbrunn

View of the summer palace of the Hapsburgs, Schönbrunn, from the Glorietta : Vienna, AT

At one point during my tenure in Vienna, I lived in an apartment on the Hietzingerhauptstraße, which isn't that far from Vienna's -- and in fact, all of Austria's -- most famous castle, Schloß Schönbrunn. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to see the inside, so it was high on the list of places I wanted to see if ever I returned to Vienna. Since we weren't able to see everything we wanted the day before, Maya and I trekked back up to the city without Charlie. It was absolutely horrid weather; pouring rain, wind. We took our cameras with us, but since photography was not allowed inside and it was too damn wet to use them outside, we shot photos with our iPod Touches instead. So, here you go. Crappy Instagram photos!

Another view of the summer palace of the Hapsburgs, Schönbrunn, from the Glorietta : Vienna, AT

Nepture Fountain just below the Glorietta : Schloß Schönbrunn : Vienna, AT

Schönbrunn has some really beautiful gardens. This was the best I could do, given the weather : Vienna, AT

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 6/2012


Kathleen Anne said...

Schonburnn and Vienna was one of my favorite parts of my quick European tour. The gardens at Schonburnn were so peaceful, I was lucky enough to visit them on a beautiful sunny day. I Love all of your photos.

Janet M Kincaid said...

Kathleen: I'm so glad you made it to Austria. Most travelers skip over this country and really miss a treasure. Yes, the gardens at Schönbrunn are quite lovely. In fact, I like them a lot better than the gardens at Fontainebleau or Versailles. Hoping to return on a day when the weather is much better. :-D