Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Schloß Seebenstein

Schloß Seebenstein : Seebenstein, AT

Our next stop on the trip was friend Daniella's parents, Christine and Hellmut, who live in Seebenstein, just south of Vienna. In the last three months of my time in Austria, I served in the town of Wiener Neustadt and that's where I met Christine and Hellmut and their daughters, Sabine, Daniella, and Sonja. They became very dear friends and we've stayed in touch over the years. I was thrilled they invited us to stay with them. It was such a treat and like being with family again. On our second day in Seebenstein, Christine walked with us to the castle above their town. Unfortunately, it was closed for tours, so we only saw the outside. Still, it was a nice walk.

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