Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Gates of Burg Hochosterwitz

The first gate -- the Fähnrichtor -- as you begin your ascent to the castle :
Burg Hochosterwitz : Launsdorf, AT

One of the features that makes Burg Hochosterwitz unique as far as fortress castles go is its 14 gates. The gates were built such that an assault could be repelled by the castle from all sides, but the attacking enemy could only attempt to break through the gate and was not well positioned for defense. Visitors can walk the 620 meter-long (2,030 ft) pathway through all 14 gates to the castle. Each gate contains a diagram explaining the gate's defensive mechanism. Unfortunately, I forgot to take reference photos for each of the gates. If anyone out there knows the names, leave a comment, bitte schön.

Not really one of the defensive gates, but I liked the bronze bas relief and the view of the church's steeple : 
Burg Hochosterwitz : Launsdorf, AT

One of the last gates we walked through on our way to the top : Burg Hochosterwitz : Launsdorf, AT

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 5/2012

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