Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stift Melk

 Entrance to Stift Melk : Melk, AT

After spending a lovely week with my friends Daniella, Christine and Hellmut, and Sonja and their families, it was time to get back on the road and head homeward. We drove up toward but skirted Vienna on our way to Melk. When I was a missionary, I spent my first five months in Linz. One day, my mission president called and said I was transferring to Vienna. I packed my bags, got on the train, and headed eastward. On the way, the train went past the most amazing building I'd ever seen: Stift Melk / Melk Abbey. I swore I'd come back one day and visit this building. And that's what we did. 

Close shot of the Abbey's chapel exterior : Melk, AT

Located on an outcropping above the Danube (Donau) River, Melk is a Benedictine abbey. It was founded in 1089 by Leopold II. A monastic school opened in the 12th century and building of the Baroque abbey structure began in the 18th century. Melk has managed to survive a number of monumental historical events, including the Dissolution Acts during the reign of Josef II, the Napoleonic Wars, the Nazi Anschluss, and World War II. Today, it is a school again attended by around 900 students.

Off in the distance on the right, you can see a sliver of the Danube River. The train tracks in the upper left corner are where I first saw this impressive abbey : Melk, AT

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 6/2012

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