Saturday, June 6, 2009


Metz Freres Vins d'Alsace : Ribeauville, FR

Just down the road from Bergheim is the village of Ribeauville. There are some tourists in Bergheim, but there are a ton in Ribeauville. We were just four more tourists amid the hoary masses!

Metz Freres Winery in the heart of the village of Ribeauville
in the French winemaking region of the Alsace-Lorraine.

Here are a few photos of the Metz Freres Winery in town and here's just a little information I was able to find in English about Bergheim and Ribeauville. Of course, there's always Wikipedia: Bergheim and Ribeauville.

Bottled libations at Metz Freres : Ribeauville, FR

Photo copyright: Janet Kincaid, 05/09

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