Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ostern in der Schweiz

An offering from the Easter Bunny to the Blessed Virgin and Son? : Brigels, CH

This weekend included a trip to Canton Graubunden, where we briefly visited a church in the alpine village of Brigels. One of the altars in the church featured an Easter egg offering. Click on the image to see the construction paper Easter Bunny on the baroque altar. I suppose that's one way to tie the secular in with the sacred?

Easter Tree : Bossy, CH

Whilst traipsing around the part of Switzerland that lies across the street from France, we ran across this Easter tree. It was a bunch of forsythia branches decorated with eggs and bunnies and the like. We also saw a few of these in Graubunden. I'll post photos of them a little later this week.

Happy Easter, all!

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 4/10


Cele said...

Totally loving the Easter Egg Tree.

Gunn said...

Nice and creative!:-)

Naturedigital said...

Beautiful photographs.
Have a nice day.

Maya said...

Both great Easter shots. I have to say I like all the Easter trees we see over here! I think next year we'll have to do one of our own.