Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jet d'Eau Pride

Jet d'Eau Pride : Geneva, CH

Sunday featured a dinner cruise on Lake Geneva (Lac Leman). Before boarding the CGN Savoie, I snapped this picture of the Jet d'Eau. Later, on the boat, I captured Geneva's most famous icon with Switzerland's iconic flag.

Swiss Pride : Aboard the CGN Savoie : Lake Geneva, CH

Sailing back into town a few hours later, I caught a night shot of the fountain and the city's waterfront. This last shot isn't that great, but it has a great story. I ran into the captain of the boat and told him how beautiful the CGN Savoie was (more on that in another post) and he invited me and Maya up to the bridge for the return to Geneva. I wish I'd had my tripod...

Geneva Waterfront and the Jet d'Eau at night : Aboard the CGN Savoie : Lake Geneva, CH

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 9/10

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Eeyore said...

Love the waves. So smooth, but still ripples.