Sunday, December 12, 2010

Château de Chillon

Château de Chillon on the banks of Lac Leman : Montreux, CH

When friends come to visit, as happened earlier this month, it's quick and easy to take them to the Château de Chillon. It's especially fun in December, because the castle hosts a medieval festival complete with food and crafts, costumed re-enactors, and courtyard performers playing period instruments or tossing and spinning balls of fire. Because we had another engagement later in the evening, we couldn't stay for the flame throwers, but we did manage a few fun hours wondering around the castle made famous by Lord Byron. The next few days will feature photos from Switzerland's most visited site.

Kitchen : Château de Chillon : Montreux, CH

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 12/10


Maya said...

Having that dusting of snow just adds a little something special, doesn't it?

Virginia said...

That does it, I['m on my way!!! Gorgeous shot j.

Janet M Kincaid said...

Maya: I was thinking the same thing! It gives it an almost romantical feel... (Of course, the romance ends once you discover how cold it is in that darn castle...)

VJ: Is this all it will take to get you here?! When you're in Paris, I think you should come to Geneva for a couple of days. It takes 3 hours on the TGV from the Gare de Lyon to the Gare Cornavin...

Tina said...

Great shot! And great place, f course :) I just add this location on my french holiday list;)