Friday, December 3, 2010

Funny Snow

Big Hair : Geneva, CH

I decided to take my camera to work today and I'm glad I did. After Tuesday/Wednesday's big snow, the sculptures on the grounds at work were a bit hilarious. Here are some of my favorites. P.S. It's suppose to snow again today. I guess winter is early? To see more photos, go here.

"I can't believe mama made me wear this. All the kids are gonna laugh at me. :-(" :
Geneva, CH

Snow warriors : Geneva, CH

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 12/10


Maya said...

I took some photos of these statues too. Hilarious!

Eeyore said...

Those are great!

Luis Gomez said...

These are great shots! Wonderful.

Cele said...

Oh mi gosh those are great.

Naturedigital said...

Beautiful, funny natures art.
Have a great weekend janet.

1ondoncalling said...

Ah they remind me of Marge Simpson! :)