Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coming to an Address Near You...

Boy : Lausanne, CH

For the last several months, Maya and I have been looking for a dog. She grew up with huskies and I grew up with dachshunds, so we've been trying to find something in between. Maya has spent a lot of time scouring websites in France and Switzerland trying to find the right dog. A couple of weeks ago, she saw an ad for a dachshund in the World Radio Switzerland (WRS) classifieds. We kept meaning to call, but then it didn't happen. By the time we checked the ad again to retrieve the phone number so we could call, the ad had been changed and said he was adopted. So, back to the drawing board.

Today, while we were in the market, we met a couple from Scotland who had the cutest little dapple dog. We started talking to them and asking them about their mixed-breed dog, Rascal. Turns out he has a brother named Poncho. The wife agreed to put us in touch with the woman caring for Pancho. We'd also seen an add for a brindle mixed-breed dog at a shelter down near Annecy. When we got home from the market, we called the shelter in Annecy to arrange to see Eden. Then, on a whim, we looked at the ads on WRS again. Oddly, there was the dachshund we'd seen last week and who had supposedly been adopted out up at the top of the ads again. We were puzzled, but decided to call just in case this wasn't a mistake.

The short story is, Boy was available again and we made arrangements to go and see him. He's with a foster mom down in Lausanne. He was rescued from a puppy mill in Italy where he had been neglected, because he wasn't performing his duties as a breeding dog. He's malnourished and weak, but his coat and teeth are good and he greeted me with a lick and a wag. He's very calm and good with other dogs and cats (there were two other dogs and two cats at his foster mom's) so we're confident he'll do well around the dogs of friends Erik and Christy, who have a Russian terrier, and friend Faith, who is getting a Bischon Havenese this week.

Here's the "whoa!" moment in the story. Turns out the woman who was handling the rescue of Boy was also a participant in the rescue of Rascal and Pancho! It seems as if the universe is aligning to bring this dachel into our lives.

A bit malnourished, but with the proper love and good exercise, he'll be good as new in no time!

Bottom line is, we're happy to give this little guy a home and hope he will enjoy many years of health and happiness.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 2/11


Karma said...

Awww.. Tigger - the dog we just lost a few days ago - was a Dachshund. She was spoiled rotten and touched my family for the last 17 years. Most lovable dog ever. One more reason to love ya, Janet. So happy you and Maya get to bring home Boy. I've no doubt he'll perk right up under your care and be good as new. He even has Tigger's coloring. :) That just made my day. :)

Janet M Kincaid said...

Karma: I'm so sorry for your loss. Dachshunds are such wonderful little dogs. So fierce, and loyal, and full of love. I'm sure Tigger (a great name, by the way!) will always have a very special place in your hearts. We hope this little guy will enjoy happiness and bring us happiness. We're looking forward to having him around for many years.

Maya said...

We'll fatten him up and get some muscle on him in no time! :-)

NG said...

My next door neighbor when I was a kid growing up had a whole mess of Dachshunds. I loved them - great dogs. Congratulations.

Rob said...

Awesome story! I am happy for you and Maya, really happy he found a loving home!

Marie Russell said...

Hi Janet & Maya I cannot wait to show Olivia the picture of Boy. What an amazing story and we are really pleased that we are part of it. We must get Boy & Rascal together to play. I cannot believe how humans can be so cruel but at least you have saved him. I love a happy ending x

Janet M Kincaid said...

Maya: Absolutely! We will love him and care for him and he will be a lovely dog.

NG: Agreed! They're fabulous little dogs.

Rob: Thanks!

Marie: Yes, we absolutely must get Rascal and our nameless little guy together! We're so glad to have met you and Andy and Olivia and to have made this connection. So wonderful!