Monday, April 11, 2011

Prague Signage

 U Kapra : Prague, CZ

The House of the Blue Horse : Prague, CZ

The Golden Fleur-de-Lys : Prague, CZ

As you wander the streets of Prague, you begin to notice bas relief signs and flourishes on the buildings. These symbols hark back to a time when reading and education were limited to the very rich and the nobility. For the common person, these signs and symbols were what they "read" to know where they were or where they needed to be. For example, if you wanted to get to the apartment where we stayed, you'd need to get to Karlova 48. If you weren't able to read, my instructions to you would be, go to Staré Město toward the Charles Bridge. Find the house with the golden fleur-de-lys, past the house with the blue horse, and on to the house with the man holding a carp. Turn the corner and go to the door to the right of the chocolate shop and you've arrived!

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 4/11

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