Monday, April 18, 2011

Private Tour, Part II

Memorial to Jan Hus with Saint Nicolas Church in the background : Prague, CZ

Just a few more photos from our private tour with Dana Jungrova.  We covered a lot of ground that included explanations about the buildings and statues in Old Town. This series includes, from top to bottom: Saint Nicolas Church and the statue commemorating Jan Hus; the facade of Prague's original town hall; the inside of the Bohemian crystal manufacturer Moser; the Cafe de Paris, where we had lunch after our tour.

Original facade of Prague's town hall : Prague, CZ

During World War II, Prague remained unscathed by its German occupiers or by the liberating forces of the Allies. The exception is Prague's town hall, which was mistakenly bombed by an American pilot who thought he was over Germany and unleashed his payload on the town below. Unfortunately, the town hall burned to the ground with this one section of the building surviving.

Moser Crystal : Prague, CZ

If you travel to Prague, don't be duped by all of the crystal shops that cater to tourists. If you want genuine, Bohemian crystal look for the name Moser. Their flagship store in Prague is located in a beautiful restored building that includes gorgeous stained glass windows and intricate inlaid wood paneling. And the crystal is lovely, too!

 Cafe de Paris : Prague, CZ

To see more pictures, go here. If you're visiting Prague and you want a good, private tour, contact Dana by calling +420 604 65 45 45. She's fabulous and her English is excellent!

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 4/11

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