Saturday, April 9, 2011

Růžena Zátková

Sculpture of Růžena Zátková by the Jugoslavian artist Ivan Meštrović :
Imperial Stables : Prague Castle : Prague, CZ

The whole purpose of the trip to Prague was to participate in several events related to the life and work of Czech artist and futurist, Růžena Zátková. Růžena is Maya's great-grandmother and her father's grandmother.

Her most famous work is on the left in the background, but her art was wide-ranging and
shows her mind, craft, and skill evolving over time and as a result of extraordinary
opportunities and jarring life experiences : Imperial Stables : Prague Castle : Prague, CZ

A few years ago, very tenacious researcher at the Prague Museum of Art named Alena Pomajzlova started looking into the life of Růžena. The final result is a monograph about the life of this lesser-known Czech artist and an entire exhibit at the Prague Castle featuring her work. Růžena Zátková died at the age of 38 in Leysin, Switzerland, of tuberculosis. She is buried in Prague.

Dr Ivo Lucchitta, grandson of Růžena Zátková, as seen through his
grandmother's sculpture : Imperial Stables : Prague Castle : Prague, CZ

To see photos taken by Maya at this exhibition, go here. You can also visit my Picasa Web Album to see a few more pictures of Růžena's art. If you're visiting Prague any time soon, be sure to see this exhibit.

Last Look : Růžena Zátková Exhibit :
Imperial Stables : Prague Castle : Prague, CZ

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 4/11


NG said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. I've been so interested in this exhibit and wish I could see her amazing art in person. This is at lesat a good second option.

Tamera said...

She only lived to 38 and yet produced such an impressive body of work! Thank you for showing me this artist that I have never heard of before. She was very talented!