Tuesday, May 31, 2011

World No Tobacco Day

Alphorns at the World Health Organization : Geneva, CH

Today was World No Tobacco Day at the World Health Organization in Geneva. To commemorate the event, they brought in some Swiss Alphorn artists (alphornists? What do you call musicians who play alphorns, besides "breathless"?) It was a cool performance and a great way to kick off this event.

Photo and video copyrights: Janet M Kincaid, 5/11


Oakland Daily Photo said...

Doubtless you can't be a smoker and play this instrument. Would love to know how this instrument came into being.

Bill said...

Don't know but the instruments could be called Swiss Vuvuzelas.

Janet M Kincaid said...

ODP: I said the same thing to my boss, who wondered why they were brought in! Here's some info on the alphorn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphorn

Bill: The vuvuzela is annoying, deafening, and has the potential to spread airborne illnesses (the London Olympic Committee is thinking of banning them for this last reason alone). Alphorns are actually quite moving and evoke romantic images of alpine meadows dotted with goats and cows. I'll take an alphorn any day over a vuvuzela! :-D

Care said...

Loved hearing them once while we lived there. Hey Janet I would like to talk to you. Find me on Facebook or call me if you still have my number. Hoping you have US international calling ;) I have become a black sheep in the family and I need someone to talk to ;)