Friday, July 8, 2011

London Miscellany

30 St Mary Axe (AKA: The Gherkin) : London, UK

Just a few random, final shots of London--The Gherkin, Tower Bridge, and a double-decker. I'm not sure why London (derisively) calls this "The Gherkin". I think it's quite beautiful and  reminiscent of a FabergĂ© egg. (Well, maybe not as ornate and gaudy, but still rather unique and lovely.)

Tower Bridge No. 3 : London, UK

Double-decker : Near St. Paul's : London, UK

You can't have been to London and not snapped at least one picture of a double-decker bus. After the red phone booths, this is probably the most iconic symbol of all things British. This is an older model. Most of these type of buses are now sleek, modern, aerodynamic vehicles.

That's it for London! Looking forward to a return trip.

Thanks to Carmen for hosting us and to friends, Scott and Diana for joining us for a fun-filled long weekend. Also, it was great to visit with Maya's cousins, Jan and Marcella and their daughters and to see friend Hilary. And, a huge thanks to British expat friends, Penny and Andy, who lent us their Oyster cards and provided advice on shopping and dining.


Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 6/11


Luis Gomez said...

Nice shots! London is always a great city to photograph.

pierre l said...

Hello Janet. I have been lurking for years, and admiring your lovely photos.
A gherkin is a sort of small cucumber, usually pickled. It looks a lot like that building.