Saturday, August 13, 2011

Doggy Play Date!

Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! (And a few humans...) : Morges, CH

This weekend, the folks who facilitated our adoption of Charlie threw a get together with a bunch of dog owners and their dogs. All of these dogs were rescued by AIDAS and all of them have been placed in good homes with owners who adore their four-legged friends. There were 15 dogs in the group. I think Charlie was a little overwhelmed by all the action, but mostly had fun. I carried him into Lac Leman a few times and he swam a bit.

Nathalie and her dogs, Tilou and Pepito : Morges, CH

This is the woman who fostered Charlie. Nathalie cares for two dogs herself--Pepito (on the right) and Tilou (on the left). Pepito seemed to remember Charlie and was quite excited to see him. Tilou was a little indifferent!

Lindy and her rescued quadrapeds : Morges, CH

This is Rosalinde--Lindy for short--and she's the woman who facilitated our adoption with AIDAS. She and Nathalie are both two of the loveliest people who feel passionately about the dogs and cats they rescue. We're very fortunate to have met them and are so grateful we found Charlie through them.

Charles "Boy" Bentley, a.k.a. Charlie : Morges, CH

This is one of the last photos I took near the end of our Morges gathering. Charlie was feeling a little overwhelmed, because he couldn't figure out who his pack was in all of those dogs. Eventually, he just sat back and watched all of the commotion. We went home not long after that.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 7/11

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