Monday, March 22, 2010

100 Strangers: Oscar

Oscar, the rescued dog from Eriteria, thanks to his human, British diplomat Chris : In the fields near Bossy, CH

Okay, technically, this doesn't count as a stranger, but this is Oscar the Dog. We met Oscar the other evening when we were out walking in Switzerland. Oscar is this happy-go-lucky dog from Eriteria who was out with his human, British diplomat Chris. We talked to Chris for a bit and learned the following:

Chris and Oscar walking along the vineyards between Ornex, FR and Bossy, CH

1. Chris rescued Oscar as a puppy off the streets of Eriteria. If he hadn't, Oscar likely would have been shot.
2. Oscar is named for the British author Oscar Wilde.
3. Oscar doesn't much care for bodies of water.

Oscar keeps an eye on us from a gentle hill in the fields bordering France and Switzerland : Bossy, CH

Chris was, as the Brit's say, a lovely chap and his dog, Oscar, was a complete delight to watch as he gambolled and tore about in the fields along the pathway. Now when we go out for our evening walks, we look for Chris and Oscar. Haven't seen them again since, but we're hoping to.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 3/10


lacochran said...

Oh, to embrace our inner puppies!

Maya said...

I love Oscar!! I hope we see him again.

Cele said...

I wish Arlo could gambol - but he does make a good lap warmer.

Oscar look adorable.

Carolyn said...

Oscar is a cutie. I love the way you say you went walking in Switzerland. Would love to have the dilemma: Switzerland or France, where shall we walk tonight, honey?

Debi said...

That last shot: what a photo! It is the epitome of "I'm a Happy Dog." I'm glad you included Oscar and his Human in your Stranger series.