Thursday, June 17, 2010


Delayed : GVA : Geneva, CH

This weekend's trip to Paris started off a little pear shaped. In an effort to save money, I bought tickets on Easy Jet* (Europe's equivalent of Southwest Airlines), because they were half as much as tickets on the train. Unfortunately, the flight to Paris Orly ended up being delayed by two hours. The reason, you ask? Seems air traffic controllers in France decided to go on strike for a few hours. Gotta love the French!

* Also often referred to as Sleazy Jet. Not because it's a pimpy, scummy airline, but because they're notorious for being delayed or canceling flights and because they nickel and dime you on every little thing. Of course, it keeps airfares low. I will say, Easy Jet has nice, new planes, which was a far sight better than the winged cattle cars I recently flew on domestic flights in the U.S.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 6/10


Maya said...

Nice shot in B&W! We have to find some discounted tix for the trains in France.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

That poor, pooped little girl tells the whole story.

Cele said...

This picture says so much, but what it says the most is I miss the days were I could sleep anywhere, at anytime, regardless what may happen about me.

Gunn said...

Well seen and well done!