Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fox in Sox?

Fox on the walking path : Bossy, CH

Occasionally, when walking in the countryside, we see things like ginormous rabbits, bleating sheep and goats, and the ubiquitous Swiss cow. The other day, we saw this fox. He was about 50 metres off and, even with my 15-200 mm lens, this was the closest I could get to the wily feller.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 7/10


Cele said...

I love when I get to spy a fox on the trip into the valley, it only happens once every few years it seems, but oh the excitement. Good catch.

ann said...

What is it about catching a glimpse of a fox? I'm not sure exactly why, but I've always loved foxes. When you do get to see one it is kind of a thrill, like you've outwitted or "out-foxed" (ooh bad!) them. Thank you for sharing your good fortune.