Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sunday Walk in Prague, Part II

 Charles Bridge Silhouette : Prague, CZ

I enjoyed a nice view of the Charles Bridge from the riverfront. This crucifix stood out from all of the other statues that line the bridge. (I confess, I doctored this photo a bit in post-production. The sky was a bit washed out and flat. I darkened it a little and upped the reds and blues. Call it cheating, but I like how it turned out.)

Pediment : Prague, CZ

One thing I often notice about tourists is, they don't look up. As a result, they miss a lot of detail and beauty in the buildings around them. This pediment (I think that's what it is) was on the outside of what otherwise seemed like a really dull building. I think it's rather striking. Note the sheep at the bottom.

Bohemian Crystal : Prague, CZ

Crystal is probably the one thing the Czech Republic is most known for. Often referred to as Bohemian crystal, cups and goblets, decanters and vases, and a host of other pieces like these can be found in shop windows and second-hand stores throughout Prague. Be careful where you buy, though. Most of the shops in the Old Town area are run by the Russian mafia. If you want the real deal, go to the Moser flagship store in Prague near Wencelas Square.

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 7/11


Maya said...

Poor sheep has been hung!

The Prague Vitruvius said...

Re: Looking up. Please feel free to browse this site :) Nice pics, by the way!