Saturday, November 13, 2010

5 months

Caffrey and Christy : Geneva, CH

Some of you may recall pictures a few months ago of friends Erik and Christy and their new puppy, Caffrey. At the time, Caffrey was about seven weeks old. Now, he's five months old and Christy doesn't pick him up to cuddle on her shoulder like she did in the first picture I posted of them here.

"Puppy" is a loose term here...

Caffrey visited the vet a couple of days ago and weighed in at nearly 28 kilos. That's nearly 60 lbs! The term "puppy" is used loosely with this sweet, docile dog.

Erik and Caffrey : Geneva, CH

Photo copyright: Janet M Kincaid, 11/10


Naturedigital said...

Beautiful puppy..
I like the first photograph .
He s posing for you Janet.

Maya said...

Such a sweet dog! His aunties love him!